Our logic behind the Formulas!




Dogs and cats have evolved in nature as carnivores. They are natural predator and, as such, their main sources of nutrition and stamina come from animal protein.

It is vital that pets get sufficient levels of protein for the development of body tissue and cell regeneration.

Animal Protein

Animal protein is the main protein source in MyHealthyPet foods. But as high as 91% of our formulas are enriched with vegetables and fruits so our pets can truly benefit from a bespoke balanced diet.

Prey Logic


Animal Protein

Through the concept of prey logic, we believe less is more when it comes to the variety of animal protein sources we put in our foods.

In nature, dogs and cats would have been living off limited animal resources. Because of this their digestive systems have evolved to only be used to consuming one main animal source protein at one time.

If many different sources of animal protein were put in one formula, it could cause an allergic reaction.

Fewer beans

There are also certain vegetable proteins that have a higher chance of triggering food allergies, most of which come from legumes such as peas and pulses.

Our formulas contain sufficient levels of starch, mainly derived from potatoes and beans, to ensure the right amount of suitable vegetable proteins are met.

Completely Grain FREE

Our foods are completely grain free. Some pet foods use grain as a cheap filler, but it adds very little nutritional value to the food, and even contains a composite known to cause allergic reactions in pets.

Enriched with Fruits and Veg

We enrich our foods with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Our formulas contain apples, blueberries, pumpkins and other fruits and vegetables that we know are highly suited to pets’ digestive systems which have evolved from their hunting days.

Wholehearted formulas for pets


Most consumers only pay attention to the top ten ingredients of a formula. This has driven a trend to provide a split of meat and starch. We have always recognized the importance of our pets health and strive to devote ourselves to providing the best for our pets through a natural, well balanced and nutritious diet. We not only want beautiful formulas, we want healthy pets.

All in the name, My Healthy Pet.